Douro Porto Wine Festival


The smell of smoke coming from the kitchen in his parents' restaurant, the burning wood ovens, the vibrant color of the clay pots and the exposed smokehouses were always very present in the life of António Queiroz Pinto. He grew up between the kitchen and living room of the historic Pensão Borges, in Baião, the village where he was born. The passion was blatant. The internship at Casa de Calçada with Chef Vítor Matos and, later, the experience at Dos Cielos, in Barcelona with the “Hermanos Torres”, opened the necessary doors to a more evolved type of cuisine.

Returning to Portugal in 2014, his greatest challenge arose: heading the restaurant in Tormes, at the Eça de Queiroz Foundation — a responsibility he welcomed.

The first task was to draw on the Portuguese writer's literature and the thousands of gastronomic references he makes in his works and transform them into something tangible, based on the region's cuisine.

To the appreciation for the writer is added respect for local products and for their good preparation and conservation.

It is no coincidence that 90% of the ingredients he uses in his kitchen originate in Baião, whether they come from António's garden or from local producers.

Baião's pride speaks louder when the cook comments on the luck of being located between the Douro and the mountains, having the river fish very close, as well as the pastures of the Arouquesa breed and the herds of goats from Marão.


  • 2014 – Winner of the Cod Revolt;
  • 2015 – North Stage Winner of the Young Talent of Portuguese Gastronomy;
  • 2018 – Revelation Chef Blog “No meu Palato”;
  • 2019 – North Stage Winner of Chef of the Year;
  • 2019 – Helmut Ziebell Innovation Award Winner;