Douro Porto Wine Festival


In the beginning was music, a constant presence in her life. He studied Biology in Germany, but his passion for cooking changed the course of his life. Born in Porto (1961), he opened his first restaurant at Quinta do Vales in Maia, in 1992, followed, in 1994, by Restaurante do Miguel in Foz do Porto, then considered by 'Exame' magazine as one of the twelve best Portuguese restaurants. In 1997 Bull & Bear opens, classified with 3 Suns in the Repsol guide, Garfo de Ouro in the guides published by 'Expresso' and selected as one of the 25 best in Europe by the 'Financial Times' (27/03/04). In 2007 he opens a first space dedicated to Portuguese snacks. He was a consultant for the Serralves Foundation and later for the Gulbenkian Foundation, where he remodeled and boosted the food sector.

In 2001 he was elected cook of the year by the Portuguese Academy of Gastronomy and, in 2017, he was awarded the ‘David Lopes Ramos’ career award by Revista dos Vinhos. He published the books Uma Cozinha de Aromas (2001), The Food & Cooking of Portugal (2007) and Na Cozinha de Miguel Castro e Silva (2016), having also participated in several other editions. The Larousse Gastronomique includes three of his own recipes.

He moved to Lisbon in 2009 and opened deCastro, a snack kitchen that quickly gained notoriety. Between 2010 and 2015 he collaborates with the Largo restaurant, a restaurant where he returns to more elaborate cuisine. In 2012 he follows a second deCastro at Espaço Porto Cruz in Gaia. In 2014 he opens a space at Mercado Time Out and in 2015 creates LESS. Back in Porto, in 2017 he opened Casario at Gran Cruz House. He has collaborated with Quinta de Ventozelo since 2016, having received a distinction from the National Geographic for proximity and sustainable cuisine, namely from the vegetable garden. In Ventozelo he also creates wines with his signature. He collaborates with Worten in the formation of a new form of entrepreneurial cuisine.

A reference in the field of new technologies, he is a consultant in the industrial and large-scale distribution sectors. With a vast international curriculum, he has participated in gastronomic events around the world, having represented Portugal on multiple occasions. Miguel Castro e Silva is among the great masters of cuisine in Portugal.