Douro Porto Wine Festival


CAVES SANTA MARTA is a well-known name in the wine world, in the country and in the Douro Region - the oldest Demarcated and Regulated Region, since 1756 - to which it belongs and where it is among the largest producers of PORT WINE and DENOMINATION WINES DOURO, a prestigious name also across borders, where its wines are increasingly receiving awards.

Large Cooperative Institution: in production volume – average of 6 million liters/year, of which 2.5 million for Port Wine, and in number of cooperators – around 1,100 and exports to 20 countries on 4 continents.

The business dimension of Caves Santa Marta is vast, even more so if one considers its difficult location due to its pronounced orography, typical of its genuine Mountain Wines – from grapes harvested from 150 to 600 meters of altitude, with very high solar incidence due to to the steep slope.

Proud of those who come together and participate in the mission of Caves Santa Marta, victorious in achieving high quality standards and due to the great demand for their production, also the social and human environment, in addition to the surrounding nature – with the Vineyard Reconstitutions, with Repopulation in Noble Castes, with Integrated Protection Systems - benefit from the action of this Cooperative Company, technically well structured and competent, for human value and for adaptation and permanent updating of processes and equipment.

Located in a sea of ​​vineyards that is the Municipality of Santa Marta de Penaguião, an unspeakable landscape, on the eastern slope of Serra do Marão, with the Corgo River at its feet and the Douro River in sight, just a little further down; colored brown during the dormant season, variously green during vegetative growth, reddish and yellow at harvest time; involved in ancient history and centuries-old manors, rightly located on this fertile muddy schist floor; in this climate that takes advantage of and conditions wine production, retaining water and conserving heat; where there is no more land for a strain, of areas used in detail for historical reasons and also for economic reasons; This is the reality of CAVES SANTA MARTA.