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The Delfins will return to the stage in 2023 for five special dates that will constitute a tour that receives the appropriate name Celebration. The group, which offered authentic pop hymns to Portuguese music such as “Sou Como um Rio” or “Nasce Selvagem”, ended its live activity in 2009, with a tour that at the time marked its 25-year career. A decade later, the Delfins musicians met again on stage in response to an invitation from the Cascais City Council to perform some of their greatest hits with the Cascais Symphony Orchestra, an occasion rightly celebrated with one of the biggest crowds ever at the Festas from the Sea.

That moment of special collective empathy was the motto for thinking about this Celebration that will then take place in 2023. Miguel Ângelo, Fernando Cunha, Dora Fidalgo, Rui Fadigas, Luís Sampaio and Jorge Quadros, the most applauded formation of the Delfins, will celebrate special dates together and unique in which they will interpret what is undoubtedly one of the most cherished national pop songs. The lineup will include the group's greatest classics, including songs such as "Canção do Engate" (original by António Variações), "The Path of Happiness", "Stars of Rock and Roll", "Planet Earth", "A Voz do Crime" , “Bandeira”, “That Winter”, “1 Lugar ao Sol”, “1 Só Céu”, “A Chama Ardente”, “À Beira do Fim”, “Marcha dos Desalinhados”, “Nasce Selvagem”, “Como Uma Uma Child”, “Ao Passar Um Navio”, “Being Bigger”, “The Fall of an Angel”, “House in Sintra”, “Release the Prisoners”, “I'm Like a River”, “A Nossa Vez”, “No Vou Ficar”, “Num Sonho Teu”, “A Cor Azul”, “Saber Amar”, “A Primeiraz Vez” and “Através da Multidão”.

Gathering the group for five special dates in some of the best concert venues in the country to interpret their greatest classics then allows Delfins to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their career together with the public that has always applauded them. In fact, in these 15 years since leaving the stage, Delfins have become a reference for many young artists who are renewing Portuguese music and who looked to the past for their references and inspirations. And with many of their greatest hits continuing to be heard on some of the biggest national radio stations, it is fair to think that Delfins will now be able to join a new generation of admirers who already know their classics.

There are, therefore, many reasons for this Celebration. 40 years after being born in Cascais, the group that conquered the top places in the sales charts and became one of the greatest success cases of Portuguese music in the 90s, breaking all record sales records, will have five long-awaited and very special encounters with your audience. 2023 will be the year of Celebration.