Douro Porto Wine Festival


Quinta da Vacaria, located in Baixo Corgo, at the confluence of the Corgo and Douro rivers, near Peso da Régua, stands out as one of the oldest properties in the Douro region. This farm benefits from an exceptional geographical location, extending over 42 hectares between the left bank of the Corgo and the right bank of the Douro, precisely where these rivers meet, with altitudes varying from 50 to 500 meters.

Since 1616, Quinta da Vacaria's production was transported to Porto via the characteristic rabelo boats, taking advantage of the rivers as authentic waterways. Even with the introduction of the railway in the 19th century, the rabelos remained in operation until the 1960s. The farm, which initially supplied products to Colégio de S. Lourenço, became part of the commercial circuit, producing not only wine, but also olive oil, cereals and maintaining several fruit trees.

Notably, in the late 19th century, the property was rich in elderberries and canes, prized especially for supporting the vineyards. The economy of Quinta da Vacaria was also reinforced by its passing ferry, the Barca do Corgo, which provided a vital transport service for passengers and goods between the banks of the river, and by fishing in Corgo, a place for capturing species such as bogas and barbs.


The Quinta da Vacaria Winery, located in the emblematic Douro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, represents a visionary project that combines tradition and innovation. In this privileged location, overlooking the Douro River, a space is born where history meets modernity. The winery, designed to emerge naturally from the valley and offer a panoramic view over the river, offers an authentic wine experience, combining wine production with welcoming visitors and traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Visitors can expect: A store with around 100m2 | Museum dedicated to winemaking | Traditional Portuguese food restaurant | Guided tours of vineyards and facilities | Tasting rooms overlooking the barrel room | Vintage Room for exclusive tastings | Unique and multi-sensory experiences in the vineyard. The Quinta da Vacaria Winery promises to be a reference destination for wine lovers, offering an innovative look at the Douro winemaking tradition.