Douro Porto Wine Festival


Quinta do Pégo is located in the Douro Demarcated Region, more precisely in the Cima Corgo sub-region, very close to Vila do Pinhão. It is also located in the heart of the region classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The grapes that grow in this area are considered of high quality and, as such, are used for the production of Vintage and Late Bottled Vintage Ports, as well as PDO Red Wines with an elegant character. Quinta do Pégo is undoubtedly one of the most superb properties in the Douro River Valley.

The landscape seen from the balcony, approximately 138 meters above sea level, is spectacular. According to historical documents, the Quinta's wine production dates back to 1548 and most likely to the Roman occupation. Nowadays, high quality Port Wine and Douro Red Wines are sold all over the world. It is a “must visit” place with “must try” wines.