Douro Porto Wine Festival


Two families. A story. Since 1981.

Saramagayo tells the love story of 'Saramago' and 'Gayo', an inspiring union that serves as the motto for this wine narrative. Gayo brings with him the sagacity of textiles and Saramago the subtlety of jewellery, in a perfect synergy between vigor and luxury. The Silver line is inspired by silver (Ag), a precious metal that represents frankness, tranquility and loyalty. In turn, the Gold line is inspired by gold (Au), a precious metal used as a symbol of purity, ostentation and royalty.

Our vineyards are located in Mesão Frio, in the Douro, in the north of Portugal.

Our farm has a mix of old vines (“more than 100 years old”), with newer vines, already mechanized, which allows us to create a mix of high quality grapes. The farm has a total of 5 Hectares, which allows us to increase our consumption wine production capacity.

At the moment our productions are limited to 2000 bottles of Silver White, 2000 bottles of Silver Tinto and 750 bottles of Tinto Gold.

The oenologist who produces our wine is a native of the Douro, spending his entire life connected to the world of wines, having worked for the best wine production companies in the Douro.