Douro Porto Wine Festival


VALLEGRE Vinhos do Porto, S.A., is a Portuguese company with a centenary tradition that has embraced the continuity of a family business for five generations - shareholders and managers represent the fifth generation of a family strongly rooted in the Douro region.

Producer and exporter of Port wines with unique characteristics that reflect the terroir of the region. It also produces high quality DOP Douro and Moscatel, highlighting not only the results of expansion and modernization over the years, but also the way in which family wisdom has been preserved.

The headquarters are located in Quinta da Vista Alegre, in the heart of the oldest Demarcated Region in the World - the Douro Demarcated Region - in the Cima Corgo sub-region, a few kilometers from Pinhão. The surrounding and magnificent landscape, given its privileged geographical location, offers visitors breathtaking views over the Douro River. Its points of interest are of unique natural beauty, in perfect harmony with nature, remaining in the memory through a keen eye - unique pleasures in the love of rurality, landscape and nature itself.

The company seeks excellence in all stages of the production process, from harvesting the grapes to aging the wines in oak barrels.

Creativity, Innovation, respect for the environment, quality and the Principles of Customer Satisfaction are enshrined in the Company's Mission, Vision and Values.

The production of DOC (Controlled/Protected Designation of Origin) wines continues to be its main objective: DOC Porto, DOC Douro and DOC Moscatel do Douro of the highest quality, nationally and internationally renowned. Nowadays, the wines are exported to different countries and appreciated - more than thirty countries -. The numerous awards and distinctions achieved in various international competitions prove the excellence of our quality and unparalleled flavor.