Douro Porto Wine Festival


Day 15 I Douro & Porto Stage

Mariza, the greatest voice of Portuguese music, released her most recent work at the end of 2020 following the release of the single “Lágri

No other Portuguese artist since Amália Rodrigues has built an international career with similar success, accumulating success after success on the most prestigious world stages, enthusiastic references from the most demanding music critics and an endless succession of international awards and distinctions.

In this new show, Mariza interprets songs by Amália, thus celebrating 20 years of her career.

When Mariza set out to conquer the world, she captivated audiences that, before, only Amália had managed to captivate. When Mariza began to explore other contiguous paths to Fado, she did so in a way that only Amália had managed to do before.

When Mariza became the ambassador of Portuguese music in the 21st century, she took on the mantle that only Amália had previously managed to wear in the 20th century.

On her 20th career anniversary, Mariza finally reveals to us the project she has long wanted: Mariza Canta Am

On the 15th of September, we will have Mariza bringing the best of Portuguese music to us at the Douro & Porto Stage.